But, why COETAIL?

Hi, Brittany here. I’m an American and I call Greensboro, NC and Mongolia home. After graduating from UNC- Greensboro, I joined the Peace Corps in 2012. It was absolutely my dream job at the time and it led me to Mongolia. I found myself working in a village school in the Gobi. It was tough in the way any quintessential Peace Corps experience should be. That began my journey in international education. Fast forward 8 years, a husband, 2 daughters, and 3 schools later, I work as the high school ELA teacher at the American School of Ulaanbaatar.

I’m thrilled to find Cohort Online 12. COETAIL reminds me of the Teach-Now teacher preparation program I completed a few years ago. TN is also a cohort-based model, preparing tech-savvy teachers with a truly global feel. During that program, I started a Twitter account that I admittedly don’t keep up with, yet.

I saw a COETAIL alum being congratulated online for a new leadership position, which led me to research more. Instead of starting a master’s, I’m doing this. The thought of only reading academic articles and writing essays as “online learning” doesn’t appeal to me right now (or ever), but COETAIL does. I hope this community of learners will inspire me to be more innovative and design authentic and engaging experiences for my students.

One thought on “But, why COETAIL?”

  1. Welcome to COETAIL, Brittany! Reading your why and finding out about the connections that you already have in place is great – you have certainly been over the past 8 years! Reading your reflection… You are certainly in the right place to find out more and try out ways in which to inspire more innovation and engaging learning situations for your students.

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