Learning Communities

In reflecting on my connections, my top 3 learning communities have been current and previous jobs (employment), Teach-Now and Facebook groups. 

I like collaborating with my school community for planning and bouncing ideas off of others. I recently switched schools and I’m the only English language arts teacher for upper secondary. I’m missing the opportunity to co-plan units with other English teachers. 

I turn to FB groups often to pick up new ideas, teaching strategies, resources, etc. I read testimonies from teachers and I imitate what I think might work for my students. Last year, I worked as a college and university counselor. It was new with many responsibilities. Seeking help, I joined a professional membership (IACAC) which allowed me to access their private page. It’s filled with all the resources needed to find the right answer. 

Teach-Now has also built a strong learning community. In Ulaanbaatar, I know 4 other teachers who have gone through TN to earn their teaching licenses. It’s been a community within a community, we are bonded with the common experience. 

Surprisingly, my undergraduate alma mater doesn’t show up as a big learning community. 

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