Course 2: Final Project

Course 2 accompanied a whirlwind in my personal and professional life, letting PD slip to the back-burner. I felt like giving up.

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Luckily, I didn’t.

It wasn’t just me. A global pandemic set us all off course in an unprecedented way. Our lives are still far from pre-COVID normal but the following realizations I’ve made will carry on with me forever.

  • Radical educational reform IS possible, ‘school’ can be done differently.
  • Stop and appreciate what you have, especially those you love.
  • We are all more interconnected than we think.
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Given I was WAY behind the others, it was going to be hard to fulfill the group project element for this final project. I had to creative but also realistic.

At my current school, social media/technology usage and regulations are either an appendix (filled with don’t and avoid) or sparse. (Basically, someone did something bad, and let’s add a line in our handbook so it doesn’t happen again.)

I took this project as a charge to shift the perception of social media usage in the classroom, from the ground up.

Aspirations/ guidelines for my final project:

  • Be worded positively
  • Encourage continued thought and commitment toward the desired goal.
  • Be standards-aligned.
  • Be applicable to different subjects in secondary, not just English.
  • View social media as an asset instead of a liability to learning

This is what I created with the help of 2 teachers outside of COETAIL, in Mongolia, and 2 cohort members. I will add this agreement to my course outlines for the fall and share it with my colleagues.

Course 2 Final Project- Social Media Agreement

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